Sustainable Building Design

Sustainable Life
Sustainable life is meeting the needs of the present day without sacrificing on the needs of the future generations. In other words, sustainable life is to guarantee the future generations? life.

Global warming, environmental pollution, increase in population, fast consumption of natural resources, thus depletion of water, and decrease in the energy resources are the principal problems of today's world.

According to the surveys, 71% of total electricity, 39% of total energy and 12% of potable water are consumed at the buildings. Buildings account for 40% of carbon dioxide emissions and 30% of the wastes. The solution starts from sustainable buildings which protects environment and has energy-effective design.

Sustainable Building
Reduces global warming with using renewable energy sources,
Protects clean, recyclable and sufficient water with reducing water usage,
Protects natural life with waste control and recovery,
Eliminates the negative effects on human health with assuring indoor air quality.

Green Building Design
Green building design starts with architecture and pursued with mechanical system design. It has to consider, site selection, renewable material usage, shading design, natural lighting, insulation selection, natural ventilation and so on. Ünlü Engineering serves consultancy during this period. Consequently Ünlü Engineering starts to design mechanical systems. Ünlü Engineering designs the below listed systems mostly used in sustainable buildings;

? Energy Recovery Systems
? Variable Volume Systems,
? Water - Ground Source Heat Pumps,
? Rain Water Harvesting,
? Gray Water Recycling,
? Free Cooling,
? Solar Energy Systems,
? Cogeberation & Trigeneration Systems,
? Cold Storage,
? Sustainable Systems Automation.

Besides the design of these systems, Ünlü Engineering can simulate those systems, and create first investment and payback period reports by the economist and energy manager staff.